Kvantum themes folder

We can make Plasma desktop to look like macOS. This tutorial uses Mojave-CT Theme Pack including AuroraePlasmaKvantumand icon themes as the I explain here the requirements and step by step instructions to configure everything. It is surprisingly easy, the steps are very clear, but it takes a bit long time to finish them all. Plasma desktop 5. Have fun customizing! Basic look with top global menu panel, bottom dynamic dock, icons on desktop, and translucent metallic window Bottom dock can be set to autohide Basic look of Dolphin File Manager in this theming scheme Notice the opaque window without any translucency Basic look of Okular PDF Viewer in this theming scheme Notice the black apple logo on top-left, you can add it later by adding Application Menu widget Requirements This tutorial is based on KDE Plasma 5, neon operating system 5.

It is a simple GUI to control many aspects of Qt toolkits. You will get a new directory name Kvantum-master. Kvantum Manager program B. You will find in it a file named install. This will give you basic global menu panel. Add System Tray widget onto it. Add Digital Clock widget as well. Add Find widget on the most right. Add dock, bottom panel Delete default bottom panel and create a new one, shorter in length, centered in position. Get rid of all obstacles First obstacle is the hamburger button thing on one of corners.

Its name is desktop toolbox. Hide it. Second obstacle is the hot corner, when you push your pointer to an edge of screen suddenly all active windows got previewed in one screen. Disable it. Extract the. Set the size to Normal. Icon theme Next, we mostly need icon theme that looks like macOS.

Extract it, and you get a directory named mojave. Close Kvantum Manager window. Up to this point, you should see your window being translucent like this: 8. Control Buttons on Left Fortunately, Plasma is a very customizable desktop. There, you can easily rearrange your window outer frame components arrangement, including, position of the control buttons close, maximize, minimize.

Simply drag-and-drop them from right to the left position. Drag other icons to bottom to hide them. I moved them three to the left To achieve this, we need Window Title Applet.

Try to run Dolphin and see if its app name " Dolphin " looks right before the global menu. Try to run Gwenview or other applications to see whether the same app name shows correctly. Alternatively, if you don't like this widget, you can use instead Application Title widget. It's without app icon and somewhat simpler. Window Buttons Applet, Top Panel Up to this point, when you maximize a window, the controls are still on the window's title bar and not joined onto top panel's global menu.

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It takes up more vertical space.Qt applications will not inherit the system theme by default. They need to be themed separately. Not exactly what I was hoping for. But with some fairly simple changes we can make it look like this. From the Kvantum GitHub page:.

Kvantum by Pedram Pourang, a. Kvantum has a default dark theme, which is inspired by the default theme of Enlightenment. Creation of realistic themes like that for KDE was my first reason to make Kvantum but it goes far beyond its default theme: you could make themes with very different looks and feels for it, whether they be photorealistic or cartoonish, 3D or flat, embellished or minimalistic, or something in between, and Kvantum will let you control almost every aspect of Qt widgets.

Kvantum also comes with extra themes that are installed as root with Qt5 installation and can be selected and activated by using Kvantum Manager. Note that this tutorial is specific to Ubuntu but is easily adapted to other distributions, many of which already have these packages in their repositories.

kvantum themes folder

The GitHub page linked above also has instructions on how to install Kvantum on various distributions. Some distributions, like Manjarocome with Kvantum already installed. This will install Kvantum and the default themes as mentioned in the quote above.

How to install the Adapta-KDE theme on Linux

The next step is to set the system to use Kvantum to style Qt applications. You need to restart your desktop session for this to take effect so log out and back in. Now you can move on to setting the theme in Kvantum. The one that matches best is called MateriaYaru. Find the MateriaYaruDark folder and select it. Click Use this theme and you should see that the Kvantum window changes to something much closer to Yaru Dark. Now when you open SimpleScreenRecorder you should see that it has a dark theme that matches the rest of your desktop.

That should do the trick. Thanks for reading and enjoy your actual full dark mode desktop. A root-level access security bug was found in Sudo. DLN Community:. Eric Adams April 29, No Comments.Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers.

It only takes a minute to sign up. To do this, follow the steps below. After this, logout and log back in. Just use this code to install kvantum manager: sudo apt install qt5-style-kvantum qt5-style-kvantum-themes. Ubuntu Community Ask!

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Active 3 months ago. Viewed 18k times. Running Kubuntu But apparently, there is no package. So, how do I do that? May be, a PPA? May be, download a. Improve this question. See Kvantum's Github repo. They provide a downloadable.

Qt Theming on Ubuntu and other GNOME Desktops

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Bishwas Bhandari Bishwas Bhandari 7 7 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog.How to change the look of some applications with kvantum example virtualbox 31 December we get an update in : new kernel 4. The first image is virtualbox before the update. The second image is the content of the update.

The third image is virtualbox after the update. Theming ArcoLinux when a red wallpaper comes in When a red wallpaper comes in, we start theming ArcoLinux all red. Conky logo is chosen. A new combination of icons is created. Use the inherit in your icon theme. A new theme is chosen. We explain the derivatives from Sardi. Just one icon did not change all red.

Then we How to mix icon themes or the creation of Papirus-Arc-Halo-Surfn You can always mix icons from different themes together. Here we are going to mix Papirus with the Arc icons but just for the folders. Then we add How to build your personal Arc theme on the github of Nico Hoods Install the new Arc themes based on Nico Hoods github with sudo pacman -S arcolinux-arc-gtk-theme-nico-git Long version Originally the Arc theme comes from the github of Horst Some time ago development stopped and Nico Hood and others stepped in and took over The easy installation is at the end of the article.

We navigate to where the grub configuration file is and the grub themes are. Horst is no longer maintaining his github. Nico Hoods is now carrying the torch.

Rolling Release. Some of them need to be installed in our own personal home folder. In that case you need to take action to get the latest files and folders and move them to your own Changing the look of i3 blocks using the configs from others You can find many configuration files or dot files out there on the net for i3. You can use some of these files to improve your i3 settings. That is how you learn by How do we create a new Arc theme with a personal color After making a tutorial how to install the current set of Arc Colora themes here, I wanted to check if the scripts are still working on Arch Linux.

Arc Colora scripts are distro independent. It is advised to run the arc scripts on the system it was designed for.

How to change theme’s folder name

You will find the themes, fonts, icons etc… The other to keep inAfter I presented Kvantum-based desktop theme "Mojave-CT" in the last tutorial, you might wonder in particular how to install the Kvantum Engine itself properly.

As you might know as well, many Kvantum-based themes are very gorgeous and some are beautifully translucent. See for example Glass White. You cannot install such theme without first installing Kvantum Engine. You can apply this tutorial on Debian, neon, or Trisquel if you wish as they are all basically same.

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Kvantum is a special software integrated to Plasma to create and custom a theme it real in fully controllable way. Kvantum is not just a software for us the users, but also a framework to create themes for theme artists. Thus, themes that are created for Kvantum engine is called Kvantum Themes. Kvantum is a work by Tsu Jan and the official website is at GitHub. Prepare Required Pakages There are dependencies you need to fulfill in order to compile Kvantum from source.

On KDE neon 5. To download it quickly, follow this link. Extract it in your Downloads directory then you get a directory named Kvantum-master. Inside this directory, you will find diretory named kvantumand, inside it you will find bunch of files such as CMakeLists. Compile Now, transform the source code of Kvantum into binary code.

First attempt is cmakeit needs a few seconds. And then second attempt is makeit needs a minute or two. Run It Find Kvantum Manager in your start menu. At first run, it looks black. Kvantum Engine successfully installed and running 6. Make Debian Package This optional step is just for your future convenience.

You can transform the binary code program you have produced into Debian package file. The command used is checkinstall and it must be run right after make command. There result is a file named build. Rename this to kvantum-manager-amd See the.

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This way, everybody will get easier to install Kvantum on their Debian-based systems. Enjoy customizing, enjoy sharing! Newer Post. Older Post. Ade Malsasa Akbar contact.To make sure that Gnome-based programs you use on the desktop match KDE. That said, the Papirus icons are built with Adapta in mind, and your desktop will look a lot better with them enabled.

kvantum themes folder

Then, once installed, follow the instructions below to learn how to activate them as the default icons on your system. Papirus must be set with Lxappearance so that Gnome-based apps you use have the same icon theme as the KDE desktop. It goes over in-depth exactly how to change the default icons. The Adapta KDE theme is a complete package.

It comes with many components, and installing it can take a bit of effort. Then, follow the command-line instructions that match the operating system you use.

Install the build dependencies

So, it must be built from source with the following commands. With Kvantum installed, launch it on your Linux PC. Open up a terminal window and run the following script.

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It will go through the process of installing all of the necessary theme files and components automatically. Let the script run, as it may take a couple of minutes depending on your network speed. When the installation is complete, open up the app launcher on the Plasma desktop by pressing Win. Your email address will not be published.

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I recently downloaded some themes from the Windows store and noticed that they aren't showing up in my themes folder. The last time I downloaded themes was in May. I have Windows 10 v. I do like to look at the image to see all the images since the store only shows about 4. I also like to like to make my own slideshows or use an image for my lock screen when that doesn't work right.

kvantum themes folder

Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Since you are using I would suggest you right click in any blank space on your desktop and then click on "personalize".

kvantum themes folder

Now that we are looking at this let us click on "Themes". What you suggested is to get the lock screen images, which I do grab. I've used that in the past but since I've done updates that no longer works. I have to go through every file and add. What I'm looking for are the themes that I have downloaded from the store - the slideshow that shows up as your background on your desktop - not the lock screen images.

I've got some of them but the ones I've downloaded from the store starting in July haven't downloaded into the themes folder so I'm wondering where they're storing since the last Windows update. I'm not sure if I have to click on them first to launch them before they store in the file now or not. It never used to be that way. I like to see all the images in a theme package and use them to make my own slideshows for backgrounds or for my lock screen when that doesn't work right. I know I can do that but I can't see all of the images until I launch the theme.

I'm actually looking for where they're stored on my computer. The recent ones I've downloaded from the store haven't shown up in my themes folder. Are they being stored somewhere else now since the last update or do I have to launch them first to get them to download into the themes folder?

But never mind because I just checked the file again at 3 p. I checked the file this morning again and they weren't there.

I have no clue what's going on. Delay in downloading maybe? I checked the file again just recently and they're there now. I don't know why there was a delay since I downloaded some of these on July 18th. But thank you for responding. Learn More.

Kvantum themes folder

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